Countertop Class Materials


Granite is a natural igneous rock that is formed in the earth’s crust as a result of cooling lava composed of quartz, potassium, mica and other minerals. Granite is very hard and therefore it is very resistant to scratching. Granite is also resistant to staining. Forever Stone seals all natural stone countertops at the time of installation to add further protection from staining. Due to the mineral composition of Granite, it is very heat resistant and will not scar or burn even if a hot pan is placed directly on it. Granite is a natural material, and it may contain “fissures”, slight indentions, color variation and other markings that are not considered defects. They are just part of the stone and contribute to its natural beauty. Granite varies in price based on the pattern and availability. It is usually graded in levels of 1 to 5; 5 being the more exotic and more expensive.


Quartzite comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. It represents some of the most beautiful natural stone patterns to be found. It is a hard material. Much harder and more scratch resistant than granite. Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that was formed from sandstone, similar to the way that diamonds are formed, from long periods of pressure and heat. Caution should be used when choosing quartzite as your countertop material. Quartzite often contains color variations, pits, and fissures that can open up at any time before, during, and after the installation process.


Like quartzite, marble is also a metamorphic rock, and it is resistant to heat and burning. However, Marble is very porous and very soft. Marble stains easily. Regular preventative maintenance of cleaning with Marble safe products and sealing must be done to minimize the risk of staining. Due to its makeup which includes dolomite, Marble also scratches very easily.


Quartz slabs are man-made. They contain natural quartz along with resins. It is stronger and sometimes slightly lighter that natural stones. Because it is a manufactured product, quartz is often stronger than natural stones and does not present the risk of fissures or other characteristics of natural stone.. Quartz is also impervious and does not require sealing. It is stain and scratch resistant but not stain and scratch proof. Quartz is very susceptible to burning. If a hot pan is placed directly on quartz, it may crack and or burn. Because quartz is man-made, it is available in many different colors and patterns.

Forever Stone stocks level one granite colors at our fabrication facility along with Quartz samples from all major manufacturers. Feel free to stop by.